The Vectorine Raster/Bitmap Tile Service allows you to integrate maps into web applications with minimal configuration.


We follow the usual slippy map/tiled web map convention.

Base URL{style}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?key=your-key


The z/x/y parameters are inserted by the viewer, currently we support one style: osm-carto. If you wish to receive hi-dpi/retina/2x tiles, use osm-carto@2x.

If you are using a modern Leaflet version, you can use{r}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?key=your-key, which will automatically detect high resolution device and select the correct tile set automatically.

You need an application token/key to use the raster map service, please register first and obtain an authentication token from the Vectorine dashboard.


For style=osm-carto, the tile resolution is 256x256 px, for style=osm-carto@2x it is 512x512 px.

Min zoom is 0, max zoom is 19.

Map data is updated continously.


Our pricing is simple: We charge 0.10€ per 1000 tile requests.
Taxes may apply.
If you intend to use very large volumes, please contact us.

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