The Vectorine Static Map Service allows you to integrate map images into any application that can display graphics, without the need for any JavaScript or other application code.

You need an application token/key to use the static map service, please register first and obtain an authentication token from the Vectorine dashboard.


Base URL

Mandatory Query Parameters

  • lat: Latitude
  • lon: Longitude
  • key: Your API key (please acquire one from your dashboard)

Optional Query Parameters

  • zoom: Zoom level (valid values: 0-19, default: 14)
  • height: Image height in px (max value: 2000, default: 400)
  • width: Image width in px (max value: 2000, default: 400)
  • scale: Zoom scale (use 1 for standard resolution and 2 for 2x/retina resoultion, default: 1)

Example request URL:


Our pricing is simple: We charge 0.50 € per 1000 static map requests.
Taxes may apply.
If you intend to use very large volumes, please contact us.

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